Writers – May – June, 2018

Ananya Kanoria


Ananya Kanoria is second-year Law student of O.P.Jindal University. She discovered at the age of 13, while making her first journal entry, that writing is a cathartic process, a means of releasing her emotions and giving clarity to her jumbled thoughts. She chose Law as her path of empowerment and writing is her tool of paving this path.

Anita Thomas


Anita Thomas is currently pursuing her third-year BBA LLB at Symbiosis Law School. She has a passion for research work and paper presentations. Her main area of interest is Family law and wants to advocate more in the area of Child rights. She also wants to learn more about Media law and work in a production house one day.

Ashima Bhargava


Ashima Bhargava just completed her second year from Amity University, Lucknow. She has a lot of interest in writing and researching, and she feels that it’s really important for any law student. She wishes to write for ‘The Law Blog’ as it would give her a great opportunity to showcase her skills and improve them further.

Hamma Singh

Hamma Singh

Hamma Singh is a third-year law student at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. Having an avid interest in human rights, animal rights and sports law, she has a substantial experience in blogging, creative writing and legal writing. With a desire to work for the conservation of the environment, she wishes to contribute towards animal welfare and protection. Books, puzzles, swimming and tennis are her other interests.

Praveen PK


Praveen PK is currently pursuing his fourth-year of B.A., LL.B. (Hons) from School of Excellence in Law, Chennai. He’s deeply interested in the field of corporate law specifically those dealing with insolvency proceedings. Apart from academics, he’s interested in publishing articles and writing case comments in the specified field of law.

Rashi Sharma


Rashi Sharma is a first-year student at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal. Having developed a strong proclivity towards commercial and business laws from very early on, she engages in extensive research in the field. Additionally is a keen reader on international politics. She has an immense love for sports particularly basketball.

Riya Raaj

Riya Raaj

Riya is currently pursuing her masters of law and has successfully completed her bachelors from National Law University, Punjab. She likes reading, writing and is a self-proclaimed Grammy worthy singer. She likes writing on everything and nothing and the best way to describe her would be using the following quote: “Fantasy her world, books her home.”

Saif Rasul Khan


Saif Rasul Khan is a post graduate in law with a specialization in Human rights law and international humanitarian law. He is passionate about human rights as a fundamental aspect of life and he has made it his focus area. Saif has published articles, critiques and comments in several legal and allied journals. In his spare time, he enjoys a good read and pens down his thoughts on personal experiences and his love for travelling.

Shivam Sharan


Shivam Sharan is a second-year law student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. Although he has no particular area of interests as such in the legal field, but he likes to keep experimenting with new things and is open to edification by way of exploration. Apart from his work, he likes painting and listening to music.

Shrishti Vatsa


Shrishti, a second-year learner at Symbiosis Law School, Noida has had a penchant to research and write on contemporary legal issues. She has previously written articles on ‘Legal Bites’. Being an avid reader and a young learner, she seeks to learn from every opportunity provided to improve and learn the nuances of writing.

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