“The difference between the developed and under-developed lies in the amount of information they have access to.”

Prima facie, it may seem that the difference-making factor is money, establishment, or even power. But the bitter truth is that nothing matters in the absence of information. Resources are good, only if utilised in the best way possible. And information makes it possible for the investors to invest their resources in the best way. It is information only which makes people realise how can they fulfil the maximum of their needs with optimal usage of resources.

And by the term ‘information’ here, we don’t refer only to those numeric values published in some journal or gazette. Information literally includes everything that informs us about anything. Quite broad? Well, it is. May it be a manual regarding how to set up your TV, or how to better predict the stock market, or how to excel in law school, these all are information.

So, if a single thing can lead to such phenomenal consequences, why don’t we try it?

The answer is, we have always been trying it. We rely on information whenever we talk of development – we may make it accessible by encouraging formal education, or by conducting awareness-raising campaigns, or by holding conferences.

Fortunately, in the information era, it’s been easier to make information more accessible. With a single click on Google, we have loads of information accessible to us. This increased access to information has been radically changing our lives since the last decade. Be it information regarding our insurance policies or bank loan, everything is available at our fingertips.

Currently, in the information era, numerous blogs, websites, and forums are at our doorstep waiting to serve our purpose. Information technology has not only made the world more connected, but also made development more accessible, and more universal.


We, at The Law Blog, visualise a more inclusive and democratic blogosphere as a necessary precursor to a better-informed citizenry.


The mission of The Law Blog is two-fold. The first and primary mission of TLB is making the blogosphere more inclusive and democratic by empowering more and more people to participate in it. Towards this end, TLB runs its WFAC programme which aims at producing future leaders of the blogosphere.

The second mission which TLB is committed to is using blogosphere (and blog posts) to achieve the goal of a better-informed society by the way of online dissemination of quality information.


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Disclosure: The Law Blog is an undertaking of LaMCRESA (Law Matters Centre for Research, Education, and Social Action).


LaMCRESA has been a non-political and non-sectarian non-profit organisation with primary focus on Research, Education, and Social Action. Starting from 2016, LaMCRESA has undertaken several projects including those of The Law Blog, Challenging Hypocrisy, Writing For A Change, Law Matters Online Academy etc.

Apart from the above cyber-centric projects, LaMCRESA has also undertaken field activities geared towards FRA field implementation, Land Rights awareness, and promoting (by way of legal assistance) CBOs in a number of sites, primarily in the districts of Angul, Deogarh, and Sambalpur, across Odisha. The founding members of LaMCRESA have played prominent roles in the past decades in starting and propelling noteworthy mass movements at the grassroot level.

LaMCRESA and its members have had active involvement in the setting up of a number of grassroot organisations and movements like the Rengali Bandha Basachyuta Suraksha Samiti, Zilla Jungle Manch, Zilla Bhoomiheena Sangrami Parishad et cetera to name a few.