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This page, literally the ‘hall of fame’, features young, energetic writers who did successfully complete the Writing for a Change programme offered by The Law Blog.

In late 2017, the founding members of LaMCRESA, the parent organisation behind The Law Blog, realised that The Law Blog cannot achieve its objectives efficiently by being merely a platform for publication and discussion of ideas and information. The Law Blog, in addition to being a platform for the exchange of ideas and information, also has to be the pioneering force in democratising the Blogosphere by guiding young intellectuals to start their own blogging platforms. The idea behind democratising the blogosphere was simple – the more the number of active blogs, the more democratic and inclusive the blogosphere will get.

In pursuance of this decision, TLB under the patronage of LaMCRESA started offering a two-month long certification-cum-internship programme. The programme believes in empowering the young bloggers and requires them to start having a blog of their own by the end of the programme. The links to the blogs so started are provided below along with the writer’s descriptions.


Aishwarya Himanshu Singh


Aishwarya Himanshu Singh is a final year law student. An aspiring researcher who has a deep love for writing. With her first publication at the age of 13, she believes a pen is mightier than the sword. Having authored more than 50 papers she is all set for the ‘writing for a change’ programme.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Lex Cluster

Deepika Sangwan


Deepika Sangwan is a second-year student at Army Institute of Law, Mohali. She is an Editor at college magazine ‘AILITE 2016-2017’. She believes that writing gives clarity & depth to one’s thoughts. Apart from decorating facts with reasoning, cycling is her favourite pass time.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Challenging Marks

Tesu Gupta


Tesu Gupta is a third-year B.A.LLB(H) student of Jagan Nath University, Haryana. She has participated in many moot court competitions and paper presentations. Passionate about law and legal research, her area of interest is Arbitration. She has won the intra-university moot court competition and received the ‘Best Presenter’ award.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Tesu Gupta Blog

Anxhela Bruci


Anxhela Bruçi is a young writer, she has published two books related to social issues. She has finished her Bachelor studies for Administration and Social Policies. She aims to follow a Master of Science for Social Services in Criminal Justice. She aspires to advocate for human rights and to motivate young people to contribute for a better and a safer society.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Anxhela Bruci Writings

Lesego Gaetwesepe


Lesego Gaetwesepe is a law graduate and she is intrinsically passionate about human rights, community building and empowering young people. She is a participant at the YALI Regional Leadership Center in Southern Africa and was also part of the #ageofconsent project. She was also part of a project facilitated by NACA (NATIONAL AIDS COORDINATING AGENCY). Ms Lesego is currently a volunteer at Gogontlejang Phaladi Pillar of Hope Project and also represents the organisation at the UNESCO Pan African Youth Network for building a Culture of Peace, and she is also taking up training as an ASFL (African Students for Liberty) Local Coordinator.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Liz Beautiful Voice

Vidhya Kumarswamy

Headshot - Vidhya Kumarswamy

Vidhya Kumarswamy is a Law student pursuing B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.), has a craving for knowledge and passionate about writing just as she’s a passionate foodie. Also, she’s a blogger and an Otaku.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Amateur in Thoughts

Anshu Tulsyan


Anshu Tulsyan is a second-year student of BBA LLB (H) at ICFAI Law School, Dehradun. She has a deep interest in legal research and legal writing. That apart, she is also interested in creative writing. Her first article to be published is titled ‘How to love what does not exist’. Dedication, in her view, is the one quality that describes her best.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Law Ab Initio

Priyal Kothari


Priyal Kothari is a competitive, diligent, hardworking and adaptive law student currently pursuing law from Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies and has chosen law as a career path for its veracity and scope which has thousands of opportunities for intellectuals to succeed in this field.  Open to accepting new challenges and willing to gain practical knowledge and experience for carving a niche in the field of law. Apart from being into this field of law she has a great interest towards the world of writing and has written various articles and research papers too which has definitely given her a better insight. She has interned at Indus Towers Ltd., Shetty and Hegde, Kharliya and Associates, Singhvi and Co., and Mehta Chambers which definitely been an enthralling experience. Among this busy canvas, life’s commitments, personal accordance and passion coupled with the taste of happy and bitter things became and actually are the artist of her life with different colours of strokes getting widened and stretched day by day.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Priyal Kothari Blog

Devansh Saraswat


Devansh Saraswat is a second-year BBA LLB student at Gujarat National Law University. Academy sound and possessing a keen interest in writing and being an avid researcher, he has presented papers on diverse issues in various National and International Conferences, and as well grabbed publications in various journals. He wishes to learn the law to transform the society in whatever way possible.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Writer Wins

Anita Thomas


Anita Thomas is currently pursuing her third-year BBA LLB at Symbiosis Law School. She has a passion for research work and paper presentations. Her main area of interest is Family law and wants to advocate more in the area of Child rights. She also wants to learn more about Media law and work in a production house one day.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Law Made Simple

Hamma Singh

Hamma Singh

Hamma Singh is a third-year law student at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. Having an avid interest in human rights, animal rights and sports law, she has a substantial experience in blogging, creative writing and legal writing. With a desire to work for the conservation of the environment, she wishes to contribute towards animal welfare and protection. Books, puzzles, swimming and tennis are her other interests.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – AnimalLawgy

Sowjanya S


Miss Sowjanya S is a third-year law student at School of law, Sastra deemed to be University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu where she is pursuing B.com LL.B.(Hons). She hails from Chennai where she had also completed her schooling. Research had always been a fascinating work for her.  She is a hardworking smart student who always has the curiosity to learn. She loves to brainstorm problems and find effective solutions.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – The Curious Learners

Yagya Sharma


Yagya Sharma is a second-year law student at the Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He has no specific area of interest in the field of law, but he likes to gain knowledge through exploring various socio-legal arenas. Apart from this, he likes movies, music and sports.

Blog submitted towards WFAC programme – Bone of Contention

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