Krupa Nishar

Editor, The Law Blog

About Krupa

Krupa is an Assistant Professor (Forensic Psychology) at the School of Forensic Psychology, National Forensic Sciences University. With a gold medal in M.Sc. Forensic Psychology in 2019, she has practiced her art in 50 criminal cases with Ahmedabad Police and Directorate of Forensic Sciences, Gandhinagar.

In addition to being widely published in her domain, she has been invited as a resource person at various platforms like TEDxDSBInternational School, IIM Ahmedabad, and the University of Madras to conduct workshops about the application of Forensic Psychology.

Key Interest Areas

Forensic Psychology

Law & Psychology


Behavioural Regulation


Assistant Professor, School of Forensic Psychology, National Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat

Speaker at TEDxDSBInternational School

Trainer at a workshop on use of Polygraph for work-place investigation at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad

Trainer on ‘Narco-analysis: Forensic & legal aspects’ for Bangladesh Police officers and Myanmar Police officers at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

Trainer at a National Workshop on ‘Deception Detection’ by the Department of Criminology and Police Administration, D.G.Vaishnav College, University of Madras

Guest subject expert on ‘Forensic Psychology’ at Government Holkar Science College, Indore

Guest lecturer on ‘Forensic Psychology Investigative tools’ at St. Xavier’s’ College, Autonomous, Mumbai

Indoctrinating virtual session on ‘Cognitive Abilities in Decision-making’ for CRPF officials at IBS, GFSU

Guest speaker on ‘Forensic Psychological Investigative Tools used in Courtrooms’ at De Jure Nexus

Speaker on ‘The Psychology of cyber-crimes’, organised jointly by World Cyber Security Forum and Think India

Expert lecture on ‘Forensic Tools of Investigation’ organised by Centre for Forensic-Clinical Psychology

Resource person on ‘Forensic Psychology’ in ‘Military Psychology and Forensic Psychology’ by Department of Psychology of S.K. Somaiya Degree College of Arts, Science and Commerce


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