Protracted crisis: A need to understand their need

This article is written by Vrinda Chauhan. Vrinda is currently pursuing BA LLB (Hons) from Aligarh Muslim University.



It is not righteousness to turn your faces to the East or to the West. Rather, those with true righteousness are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets, and who, despite their love for it, give away their wealth to their relatives and to orphans and the very poor, and to travellers and beggars and to set slaves free, and who establish prayer and pay welfare tax; those who honour their contracts when they make them, and are steadfast in poverty and illness and in battle. Those are the people who are true. They are the people who do their duty.  The Quran (Surat al-Baqara: 177)

The trials and tribulations are ought to come in  everyone’s life. Here we all as humans are ought to serve each other out of the feeling of one brethren. The above verse is a path to take heed to.

Thus to define Protracted Crisis: According to FAO

“Those environments in which a significant proportion of the population is acutely vulnerable to death, disease and disruption of livelihoods over a prolonged period of time. The governance of these environments is usually very weak, with the state having a limited capacity to respond to, and mitigate, the threats to the population, or provide adequate levels of protection.”

We made environment to comfort ourselves and look what we are heading to.

Struggling to survive!

Non-functioning of the governmental policies, strategies failed, demands soaring high.

Protracted crisis is bound to happen.

 Ages and generations suffer retaining and passing on their misery to the next one.

 No voice being raised, raised voices unheard!…

For the survival food is the basic essential yet there are places where this very basic need is being wasted and dumped due to non-usage. Death and disease are associated with the food intake. Yes, the real crisis being the Food Crisis.

The livelihood is affected when the proper food is not provided.The sufferers are chained to the conditions they face. Yet some countries who claim to be the super-powers and resourceful, enjoy their lavish lifestyle, bettering it on the cost of the pains of others. What an irony the scenario depicts!-  that on one side people for their mere enjoyment play with tons of milk, tomatoes for instance, juxtapose are those areas on this earth where people have been taking pains to have one time meal. Discrimination is widespread, women being exploited, poverty being unreported, meek is downcasted. And more to be felt than to be mentioned. But the same is to be dealt and addressed for it’s our obligation to the needful to provide our best.

No doubt the efforts have been made to recover those countries from this crisis which is taking toll on human lives. Yet the requirement is for the efficient efforts which are uncorrupted and relieving. Need is to gather the developed and efficient states to run campaigns and divide the efforts to drive the sufferer countries out from the protracted conditions.

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  1. Vishwendra Pratap Singh Avatar
    Vishwendra Pratap Singh

    Vrinda? From LST Agra, Mathura? good to see your work.


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