6 books every law student should read!

Forget the European and American reading lists for law students. Here we have our own customised reading list for law students in India.

Thank us later!

  1. Learning the law
    The ‘all-time favourite’ gets repeated, again. Although the book is not about Indian legal system particularly, still it may be considered a good starting point for the new entrants. First-year students, are you listening! And the book just got better (and cheaper) with the Indian economy reprint. Get it here
  2. Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius


    ‘The God of Advocates!’, literally! No Indian law student can afford to miss an account of the court cases of Nanabhoy “Nani” Ardeshir Palkhivala, the legendary advocate! Get the book here . 

  3. Roses in December


    ‘M. C. Chagla’, the name speaks for itself! If you need some serious inspiration, go for this book. An inspiring life; an interesting tale. One of the few good autobiographies by an Indian jurist. Get the book here . 

  4. Famous Murder Trials
    murderIf you’re looking for some detailed insights on how the murder trials go on out there, you cannot afford to miss this book. Covering more than 75 murder cases in India, it stands as a magnum opus in the field. Get the book here . 
  5. Before Memory Fades: An Autobiography
    41pkmvzuxl-_sx321_bo1204203200_Another legend, Fali S. Nariman. Again, the name speaks for itself. Starting from his resignation from the post of Additional Solicitor General of India in protest against Indira Gandhi’s declaration of Emergency to the controversy he attracted with his decision to defend the Union Carbide company in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case, you’ll find a lot of interesting legal tales here! Get the book here . 
  6. The Law and The Lawyers
    law-and-the-lawyersMohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He’s always had a place in our heart; time to give him a place in our minds too?
    “At a time when the legal and professional standards among both judges and lawyers have fallen woefully, it behoves the legal fraternity to bestir itself and infuse a moral tone into the profession by pledging itself with renewed vigour and deep devotion to the ideals and the precepts of Gandhiji.” Get the book here

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