Child Abuse: The wild truth

“Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back

– John Ruskin

The future of any country lies on the tiny shoulders of their children. It is very important for any nation that their future is secure and nourished; then only these children can blossom into youth and can take bold decisions. But this progress is hampered because of some people of beastly nature and sick mind. Now a days the incidence of Child Abuse is being reported at an alarming rate. And it is mostly being reported at schools or a child is being abused by a teacher or a nanny. Child Abuse is not only inflicting physical torture or sexual harassment but also inflicting mental torture. The recent incidence of Mumbai was reported of a nanny who abused a child so much that the child was hospitalised. It was because of the CCTV footage that people came to know the sick mind of the nanny who ill-treated that small child. Many incidences of Child Abuse is being reported in the influential schools of the country where the child is sexually harassed and molested by a teacher. Schools which are considered to be the second home of a child is now under deep surveillance of the parents as no one can be trusted in today’s world. Small girls are being raped and sexually harassed by the people. The mental trauma that a child suffers is unbearable for the parents to see, their childhood is being crushed at the hands of some sick people. The question that is being highlighted here is: Is our children safe out there? Do we need to hire bodyguards for them? Or there should be some strict laws made in order to curb these offences.

It is quite devastating but a bitter truth that laws comes into play when the incidence has taken place. Laws should be preventative in nature rather than curative, as prevention is better than cure but this cannot be disapproved that one cannot know the mens rea of any people until the act is being committed. Stern measures had been taken by the legislator and as a result, a new law was formulated which is “PROTECTION OF CHILDREN AGAINST SEXUAL OFFENCE ACT 2012 (POCSO)”. The law covers all kinds of sexual offences that is being committed on children and is very child-friendly. Moreover, it covered all the flaws of the previous act which were section 354, 375 and 377 of IPC.  These sections could not effectively protect children as they had many loopholes.  It was only Goa’s Children Act 2003 which basically dealt with Child Abuse.Children are different from Adults. They are more delicate and innocent. They should be handled with care and protection. POCSO deals with this aspect. The act deals with each and every kind of sexual offence that can be committed on the children from assault to harassment and the punishment extends from simple to rigorous punishment. Moreover, the act also deals with child pornography and strict punishment is there for that. The act is quite child-friendly as precaution is taken while handling children with care. Special Courts are being formed to deal with such kind of issues moreover police should be friendly while handling children and in purpose inquiry it must be taken in the presence of those people with which child is comfortable. Even there are provisions that a child can testify in front of camera if he/ she feels comfortable and the accused must not be present at that time. As soon as the crime is committed people present should report to the police and failure on the part of both police and reporter is liable for punishment. Teachers, Police and few more people are kept in special section failure on their part are liable for more punishment. There are provisions of medical examination in this act. This act also talks about the public awareness where both central and state government are entrusted with the work to make people aware about the provision of this act.

Child Abuse is like diabetes it is silent killer which kills a child from inside. It is a disease which cannot be ignored. These offences are ruining the future of the country which could not be tolerated. Even big famous personality had been the victim of child abuse. It is not only the government which needs to look into the matter but parents also play an important role. Parents need to take proper care of their children as they do not know as to what is appropriate and inappropriate. Who are good people or bad people? As Jane D. Hull has said, “at the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”




It’s always being a difficult task for me to write something about myself but to start with, I am a law student studying in Chanakya National Law University. I love to write the articles based on law and it’s legal aspect. I believe in having a colourful life rather than being black and white. Apart from law, I love drawing especially cartoon characters but I made only for myself that too when I really feel like. I am active in social media quite a lot. I love experimenting such as in the field of making deserts, I love making cakes in the free time. This is my short and sweet bio which is not sufficient to describe myself but at least it can give some idea about me.

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