Protecting yourself against hacking

India is developing and taking a turn towards the path of digitalization. But it is our duty to keep our personal information private. It is adamant that the information can be stolen by the hackers and be used for any wrongful purpose. A man can forget but the internet never forgets and therefore, the information needs to keep in safe from the hands of the hackers. Hacking is an illicit attempt and unauthorised intrusion into hardware or software/ computer or a network.  It is the exploitation of the computer system or any private network of the company or any institution. Hacking can be done for personal conflict also. Hacking is a mala fide attempt to access or to take control over the network of others. Hacking is basically done by the hackers. There is no hard and fast rule to define and determine the hackers. Hacking is generally done by the one who is highly skilled and intelligent to crack the password of the other’s computer system or the network. Hacking is basically done by the professionals who have the knowledge of computer system in depth. If a real hacker wants to get information about your personal belongings, they can easily get that information through hacking.

Hackers are also known as “THE CRACKERS” as they crack the password of the network or the channel to get the information out of it. Hacking is a very vulnerable process and is the information is easily disclosed.

To protect yourself against hacking and getting your information be undisclosed, there are certain remedies to be followed so that the necessary and important information remains undisclosed and the hacker could not hack the computer in order to get the information.

  1. Passwords

You should create a strong password for your computer in respect of securing your data from the hackers. Passwords should be the combination of letters, numeric and symbols. You should reset the password from time to time. One should keep in mind that there should not be the same password for different accounts.

  1. Private website

If you have your own domain name, then there is a chance that your personal information including your number, an address is available to everybody. Hence, while registering, privatize your information so that hackers make not get any information.

  1. History data

The Internet has all the records what were you up to and what you are up to. So clear off the history data once in a while so that information cannot be leaked.

  1. Avoid open Wi-Fi AND Hotspot

Hackers are active through free Wi-Fi and hotspot and can steal your private data through open Wi-Fi or hotspot. Hence, avoid using the open Wi-Fi network or giving or taking hotspot connection from any other network. Instead, connect your internet in outside places.

  1. Public computers

Cyber cafes are the most reluctant places from where cyber crime happens. Using a private account through public computers may lead you in a difficult as it can go viral easily.

  1. Online transactions

These are the days where digitalization is at its peak but not to forget to use your card details alertly. There can be a chance of fraud by online companies to collect the details of your card and misuse it.


The speed of the internet is growing fast and we are lagging behind it. When we use anything, we should be aware of its pros and cons. Therefore, using internet also has its pros and cons and we should safely use it for our safety. Online transaction is on demand nowadays, and after demonetization, it has increased it pace like hell. So, while doing online transaction, we should know which all are the protected websites and from where your card details should not be leaked. We should stay cautious while using public programming system and avoid entering the personal bank accounts or social media details as there are chances for these accounts to be hacked. Nowadays, in this competitive world, every company and person needs to grow fast from the other and climb the mountain of success, for this sometimes, they hack the site or account of other person to grab the details of their marketing strategies, and hence, for this, hackers are hired by these big companies.




Sakshi Jain is currently pursuing her BLS LLB from Government Law College, Mumbai. Although she’s keen to gain knowledge and explore things going around her, her priority always stays focused on law only. Although she yearns for a career in the corporate sector, she’s quite confident regarding her capability to endure in other fields also. A passionate law student and a natural reader, she wants to complete her master degree from Harvard, Oxford, or London University.

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