Why Can’t We?: A talk on ‘reform’

Every time I fail to understand the whole logic behind everyone’s statement that “In our Country, the law is not strict.” Why should we need a strict law, when the current law is way more than enough to accommodate all the issues in our society?

After all, why should we change the law, when you can’t even follow ‘your liberal laws’ (that’s something which you claim)? Is that law which is to be changed according to the wish of each and every individual?

Why can’t we, the social animals think of a change ourselves? Why can’t we change our mindset? Why can’t we respect each other’s gender, freedom, equality, feelings, priorities, more importantly, life!!

Is law something necessary for you to regulate yourself? Even if we change the law, won’t the same you come up with another argument of ‘human rights violation’?? Won’t the same you tell everyone that the law is not for the welfare of the people, but for the destruction of the people!! When your development dream is the USA and it stands in the third place for Rape Rate, which law you are referring to follow the change? If you are referring to the law of those nations, which has “eye for an eye” law, and fails to understand the feelings of people and restrict women from their fundamental freedom even in this 21st century, again which law you are referring to!!

When you can’t respect the existing law, what more you are longing to? Why can’t you change your mind rather than compelling a Nation to change its law into the law of evil! Why can’t we start the change from our family? If the reason for the crimes against women is the lack of sex education, why can’t the parents provide their children with the same than waiting for someone else to give them the necessary knowledge about these aspects! If the crimes against the state are due to the lack of education, then why can’t the parents provide them basic education, when you are in a Country, which has a government providing free education for the children below the age of 14!!

Still, you are blaming the law! Then I swear it’s not the law to be changed. It’s you, whom should be changed.If you are willing to follow all the laws, when you are in a foreign country, then why can’t you follow the laws of your own Nation?  Or is that you can follow the rules only if you are a secondary citizen! Think and rethink. It’s not the law which can bring a change which you are dreaming of. It’s you and only you who can bring that change.




Aishwarya Himanshu Singh is a final year law student. An aspiring researcher who has a deep love for writing. With her first publication at the age of 13, she believes a pen is mightier than the sword. Having authored more than 50 papers she is all set for the ‘writing for a change’ programme.


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