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Anushka Khandelwal

Anushka is a third year law student at the National Law School of India University. With a keen interest in constitutional law and sociology, she enjoys decoding social phenomenon using feminist lens and an interdisciplinary approach.

Ashima Joshi

Ashima is a third-year student at National Law University, Odisha.

Bhoomika Saxena

Bhoomika is an Adjunct Professor at Amity University. She did her Masters (LL.M.) from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad with Specialisation in Intellectual Property Law and her B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) from Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad with Criminal Law Specialisation.

Chitransha Singh

Chitransha has participated in Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot and written blogs on International Human Rights law. She has a keen interest in International Human Rights Law including International Refugee law.

Mudit Burad

Mudit is a fourth-year student at National Law University, Jodhpur.

Namisha Jain

Namisha is a practicing advocate at Delhi High Court and has graduated from ILS Law College. She enjoys her occasional passion for writing.

Niyati Nagar

Niyati is a fourth-year law student at Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur. She is a co-founder at Business, Financial and Technology Law Review (BFTLR).

Richa Seth

Richa is an Associate Solution Advisor at Deloitte. She is an avid reader and has interest in writing about contemporary legal issues.

Rithin Joseph

Rithin is an MA (Criminology) student specializing in Forensic Psychology from National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He holds a BSc in Psychology.

Riya Tyagi

Riya is a third-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. Currently, she is focused on researching and writing to explore her interest in various areas of law. Her interests include commercial law, Intellectual Property Rights and Media Law.

Saanchi Wadhwa

Saanchi is a final-year student at Amity Law School, Delhi. She has an appetite for exploring contemporary legal issues and has an avid interest in constitutional law, technology law and arbitration. She can be reached at wadhwasaanchi@gmail.com.

Shalini Sharma

Shalini Sharma did her Masters (LL.M.) from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad with her specialization focussed on Intellectual Property Law and completed her B.B.A.LL.B(Hons.) from Alliance University, Bengaluru. She is the founder of the Blog Lawstorming!. Besides IPR her research interest includes Public Policy, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law.

Shivi Dangi

Shivi is an undergraduate law student at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Sanjhi Sharma

Sanjhi is a fourth-year student at Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University with a keen interest in Policy Development. She has also attended Jindal-Harvard Summer School in July 2019 on Human Rights and Policy Development.

Shaleen Tiwari

Shaleen is a 2016 B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) graduate from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur currently working as an Associate with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai. He can be reached at shaleen.hnlu23@gmail.com.

Shantanu Pachauri

Shantanu is an advocate registered with the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh. He did his LL.M. in constitutional and criminal law from National Law University, Delhi and completed B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) from National Law Institute University, Bhopal. His research interest lies at the intersection of constitutional and criminal law.

Shruti Khaitan

Shruti Khaitan is a final-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. She has her eyes set on pursuing a career in corporate law and has particular interest in the fields of Dispute Resolution and Competition Law.

Simran Bais

Simran is a fourth-year law student at Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur. She is a co-founder at Business, Financial and Technology Law Review (BFTLR).

Sudipta Choudhury

Sudipta is a fourth-year student at NALSAR, Hyderabad, and is deeply interested in Constitutional Law.

Yash S. Sinha

Yash S. Sinha graduated from N.L.S.I.U, Bengaluru in the year 2019 and has been assisting an advocate based out of Delhi since then. Presently working all the tiers in both Constitutional and a few statutory Courts there, he intends to settle his practise in Election, Taxation, Economic offences, and Constitutional laws at the Appellate/Original side levels. Views/opinions regarding his write up can be shared here.

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