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Aarya Pachisia is a fourth-year law student pursuing B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) from Jindal Global Law School. She likes to write on legal aspects of environmental as well as technological issues. 
Bhawna Gandhi is an advocate practising in Delhi High Court and District Courts of Delhi. She specialises in Criminal, POCA and POCSO matters. She is also serving as the Advisor to Indian National Bar Association and Member of Criminal Justice Society of India. She may be reached at advbhawnagandhi@gmail.com.
Dhruv Arora is an advocate practising in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court who specialises in Criminal law. He is a Member of Supreme Court Bar Association and Indian National Bar Association. He may be reached at advda14@gmail.com.
Eeshan Krishnatria is a third-year student from National Law University, Jodhpur. His areas of interest are Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Company Law. 
Nandini Modi is a fourth-year law student pursuing B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) at Jindal Global Law School. She has a keen interest in Corporate Law and Competition Law.  An avid traveler who loves to experience different cultures. She is a big foodie at heart. She can officially be contacted here.
Pranoy Goswami is a fourth-year student at National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. He is currently engaged as a Research Assistant with the Center for the Study of Law and Culture, Columbia Law School. He has an avid interest in the areas of Intellectual Property, International Humanitarian Laws, Gender Justice Laws and Dispute Resolution. He can be reached at pranoy140@nluassam.ac.in.
Shantanu Pachauri is an advocate registered with the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh. He did his LL.M. in constitutional and criminal law from National Law University, Delhi and completed B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) from National Law Institute University, Bhopal. His research interest lies at the intersection of constitutional and criminal law.
Shruti Khaitan is a final-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. She has her eyes set on pursuing a career in corporate law and has particular interest in the fields of Dispute Resolution and Competition Law. 
Tejas Sateesha Hinder is a second-year student of B.A. LLB (Hons.) at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, India. He has over 25 publications in Indian and international legal journals. He takes interest in writing on issues of social and political importance, and aims to specialise in the field of International Relations.
Yash S. Sinha graduated from N.L.S.I.U, Bengaluru in the year 2019 and has been assisting an advocate based out of Delhi since then. Presently working all the tiers in both Constitutional and a few statutory Courts there, he intends to settle his practise in Election, Taxation, Economic offences, and Constitutional laws at the Appellate/Original side levels. Views/opinions regarding his write up can be shared here.

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