Education for refugees: A self-help tool to fight against all the odds

“Read. Read in the name of thy Lord who created; created the human being from a blood clot. Read in the name of thy Lord who taught by the pen: [He] taught the human being what he did not know.” The Qur’an (96: 1-5).

The above verses are for the whole humanity, the revelation for revolution,directing us  to read,to get educated,beating the shackles of discrimination.

The trails and tribulations of the Refugees are glaring. They face difficulties which affect them and leave the marks on their personalities which they struggle with, the life long. Catering to this impact on them, education plays a crucial role in transforming them. And thus, is a self-help  tool. Coming and seeking a refuge in a totally unknown country poses a barrier to the growth and development of the Refugees. Moreover, moving in a new political set-up is a challenge to them where they are unaware of the laws, socio-cultural setup. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is what they are left with. Therefore, there is an urgency to address this problem and improve them as an individual.

  • Bridging the gap by imparting knowledge about the host country. Telling them about the laws followed, the historical background, the traditions, kinds of food intake, etc..
  • The medium of education should be such that they are able to communicate as well as learn new concepts. Universalisation of education is important. For instance, on prioritizing on biological processes, physics and chemistry, etc.
  • Being an educated person is like keeping a lit candle in the darkness. Important is the fact that education embraces not only the worldly aspect of knowledge, but the theological aspect too.Knowing about the Creator, life, The Judgement Day is necessary.
  • As they bring with them the flavour of their home country, provision should be made by the government that each child would teach something of his/her native style and in return would be awarded. For instance, China markets and Tibet markets in India are the examples to encourage the Chinese and Tibetans talents in India.

Education beats all the barriers. The recent refugee crisis is at a boil. Europe is mainly affected due to the very current BREXIT. Every problem comes with a solution. Solution pertains to the rendition of the Quality Education to them. Thus the needful is to welcome them warmly, create funds and then  equip them with the tool of Education so that they may eventually contribute to the respective nations’ growth and render their services. Consequently, the burden of the hosting country will lessen when the refugees sincerely co-operate and contribute to the same.

Now if all the above steps, if taken, will bear sweet fruit in the form of an educated refugee population. Consequently, they will feel more secure as they would be possessing an intellectual power. They would be able to deal with different kinds of situations and can make wiser decisions. They could have a better understanding of right and wrong. Ultimately by this acquisition of knowledge their lineage too can be benefitted. Education to refugees will lead them to an unending journey with different roads of opportunities!



Vrinda Chauhan

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