Ethical Dilemma in Criminal Justice

Ethical dilemma and questions arise for professionals in criminal Justice system concerning right and wrong which put the criminal justice officers to decide to choose being human or minding about their own self-interest. Criminal Justice system comprises of professionals who execute or who exercise power and some cases are authorised to use force and physical coercion which need to involve a great use of wisdom requiring not to take advantage of dilemmas which are pose by this powers to commits injustices. In most cases this powers provide and avenues for most of the dilemmas.

These dilemmas are brought more by the working condition. Where there is a very poor working condition for the criminal Justice officers, there exists more dilemmas as compare to those with good working conditions. So it has that those criminal justice officers in the underdeveloped nations face more dilemmas.

When an issue involves ethical consideration and then have the ability to apply a knowledge of ethics including ethical terminology and concept in making our decisions about what to do. It gives the mind the task of making critical decision which sometimes are matter of life and death. This dilemmas puzzles always brings war between interest of criminal Justice officers (law enforcement, prosecution and judiciary) and interest of common citizen who is seeking justice and his or her fate lies on the discretion of the criminal Justice officer. In most instances the wrong decision made by the criminal Justice officers adversely affect the common citizen seeking Justice.

Examples of these dilemmas:

Law enforcement officers in many case come across drug barons, because they lack enough money to satisfy their wants and needs they are always divided into two in reasoning where the drug barons accept to give them millions in reward of letting them most case police have colluded with these drug barons to let the free which is great injustice to the society whose youths in turn find the drug at their disposal which ruins their life. These youth are then arrested for drug taking and handling while the same police officers who are arresting them are the one who let the drugs into the country. This total injustice because the same police office sometime are bribed with the youths to let free rather not to take them to the rehabilitation centre.

Similar situations may arise where a prosecutor because of the personal attitude which he ore has against the accuse maybe because of  accused ethical background, religious and maybe past experience may decide to seek maximum penalty against an accused and if he or she seek maximum  penalty the result may be that the accused death This is social injustice to the family members of the accused and also to the accused who is hanged to death because of personal attitude of the prosecutor who decided to seek for maximum penalty.

When politician and those who are so reach get involved in criminal activities they always go scot free because they justice by buying justice in expense to the common citizen who is the complainant in that caes because police investigators are underpaid and they need money they the money and do shoddy investigation and prosecutor present a week case because is paid and the judge deliberately decide not to take all evidence into consideration.


Amimo Stephen


Stephen Amimo Mugacho is a young writer with a writing experience in various topics. He is a criminology professional with expertise in security and forensic investigation. He has a great understanding of the law for that is the basic in understanding if someone is a criminal and has committed any offence. He has just completed his first degree on 24th April 2017 in BA. Criminology and Security Studies at Chuka University.

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