Delivering the Universality of the SDGs

Sustainable development goals officially known as transforming our world are one of the top priorities of the International segment; spearheaded by the United Nations. These goals were developed just after the Millennium Development Goals; therefore we could simply say that the SDG’s are a successor of the Millennium Development Goals.

These goals consist of 17 global goals which encompass gender, climate, education and many more other issues. However, though it may seem easy to talk about these goals, the actual fact is that there are several impediments to their implementation. This may explain why we still battle against gender disparity, poverty, violence, distortion and many more.

What political leaders or rather government entities need to realize is that this slow progress of implementing and universally delivering these goals will act as a stumbling block to successfully transforming our world and creating the future we want by the year 2030.  It is perfectly understood that delivering international goals and targets is not an easy task; however, there are various ways that can be tackled to make the road seem easy.

Moreover, it is very vital for stakeholders to form partnerships with synergies and young people in ensuring the success of these goals by 2030. Young people can play a bigger role in creating the future we desire. According to a research that was conducted, many young people had shown interest in being partakers of creating the future they wanted; but this seems like an endless dream as many more young people are marginalized and are seen to be incapable of being catalysts of change.

This is rather a stereotype perception that needs to be addressed so as to move forward and ensure a better a future for the people. One other challenge is implementation. Though countries are encouraged to implement these into their national constitutions and documents, this still remains the biggest challenge due to various reasons such as financing, unaccountability as well as interlinking the SDGs.

However, in order to deliver these SDGs and ensure that the livelihoods of all individuals are improved, it should start with us as stakeholders both in private and public sectors, government entities as well as the civil society in establishing partnerships with both international and national segments. This partnership should be targeted at ensuring that each and every goal is delivered universally; this can be done through financially assisting countries with low income to deliver these goals.

A responsible and effective monitoring agent should be established, one that will be responsible for facilitating the implementation and monitoring projects that are responsible for delivering one or two of the goals other than the OECD which is a monitoring mechanism working together with the United Nations. This will also help in identifying the challenges faced by each country, create room for improvement.

By so doing each state shall be accountable for every implementation of every goal and make tangible improvements. These improvements can be achieved only when more monitoring mechanisms are established regionally in order to facilitate and encourage countries within the region either in the upper, lower or high income to make improvements that will benefit every individual.





Lesego Gaetwesepe is a law graduate and she is intrinsically passionate about human rights, community building and empowering young people. She is a participant at the YALI Regional Leadership Center in Southern Africa and was also part of the #ageofconsent project. She was also part of a project facilitated by NACA (NATIONAL AIDS COORDINATING AGENCY). Ms Lesego is currently a volunteer at Gogontlejang Phaladi Pillar of Hope Project and also represents the organisation at the UNESCO Pan African Youth Network for building a Culture of Peace, and she is also taking up training as an ASFL (African Students for Liberty) Local Coordinator.


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