Democratising the Blogosphere, one blog at a time

So, blogging can aid in social transformation. It helps in building an online identity. It can propel my professional development. But, why me? Aren’t there millions of blogs already? Why particularly should I ‘plus one’ to this vast existing number?

Well, the answer is, because even a single voice does matter, a lot!

Let’s start with an analogy. Suppose, on a lazy summer afternoon, you aren’t particularly happy about how your room is smelling. What do you do? You simply open the windows, and let the fresh air from outside come in – with the hope that the room will freshen up eventually.


The same applies to the cyberspace. We obviously aren’t happy with the biased and baseless opinions ruling the blogosphere, the fake news circulating the cyberspace, and the hatred being spread through online media – what do we do? We encourage the competent and the young to enter the blogosphere, and make their voice heard.


The concept is simple – the more diverse the writers base gets, the more the number of people involved ‘consciously’ in the cyberspace, the more inclusive and democratic the cyberspace gets. Tired of reading biased opinions? Get argumentative writers do more writing. Tired of discrimination and hate-speech? Let the discriminated writers reach a wider audience. Tired of shallow speeches? Let the reasoned and wise do the talking. As simple as that.

Sounds good? I bet that is!




‘Passionate!’ That’s the only word he uses to describe himself. Questioning assumptions. Challenging hypocrisies. Making the planet a better place to live in. Can be found at

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