A buffet for ‘everyone’

On my smartphone, I can access Google with a single tap. With it, comes an unbound access to loads of information. I can access lecture videos from Stanford and Harvard, and interviews from the wall street sitting on the couch in my living room. Such a buffet of information!

But, is that buffet for everyone?

Unfortunate as this may be, we all know the answer. We spend a lot of time discussing the reasons also: digital divide, sponsorship, socio-economic constraints etc. However, there’s one factor that we miss very often in our analysis through the looking glass: the language factor.

Most of the information on the web are in English, unfortunately. While this is a good news for the English speaking minority, same might not be the case for a non-English speaking majority. This unequal availability leads to unequal access, and there starts a never-ending cycle of ever-deepening socio-economic inequalities. Language impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and blocking information access in a given language severely affects the indigenous communities. These aren’t windy claims, but research-proven facts.

There is a buffet going on, and some people are enjoying it. But the hungry people outside know that the buffet isn’t for them. They are bearing silent witness, instead.

Hence, we, at The Law Blog, have decided to publish blog posts in regional languages as well. And with this, we thank and welcome M Preetha as our first author to write a blog post in a regional language!

If you are interested in submitting a guest post in a regional language, kindly feel free to do so. The submission procedure remains the same as mentioned here. The editing process will be a little bit different, however. Since we can’t have editors from each regional language, we shall rely on community editing, instead. We shall publish the post with minimum editorial intervention, and then constantly check the comment section for suggestions for modifications.

Let the buffet be for everyone!

Buffet host,

Anshuman (Editor in Chief, The Law Blog)

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