Liberty in Africa: Peculiar Challenges

Social ills have been part of Africa for a number of years now, and though there have been several efforts made to curb such thematic issues, all hope seems to be lost. Africa seems to be bound in chains due to a number of factors such as lack of good leadership and gender issues, and many more. However, such issues can only be resolved when there is a partnership between the stakeholders and the young people.

Furthermore, despite the above mentioned thematic issues which are common in African countries, there are other social ills which are a high concern to many, which not only affect the people within a community but also act as an impediment to progressive development and prosperity within a certain country. These issues include:

  • Cronyism
  • Over-Criminalization
  • Lack of free market
  • Restriction imposed to Property rights
  • Intolerance


This is one of the biggest challenges in Africa which has affected many lives and has led many to poverty. Therefore, with the high rates of poverty increasing, there is a dire need for awareness to be raised. Therefore, I believe that the only solution to such an issue is the near-perfect implementation of the rule of law which will not only increase the living standards of others but also ensure that the humanity of individuals is not challenged and their individual rights are respected.


Evidently, over-criminalization has tripled in South Africa in the last decade, therefore many are placed in situations where rights are being challenged or limited. This can only be resolved by good leadership as well as raising awareness on the respecting individual rights. The more the leaders are able to learn from other young people and more aware of the situations other people are facing, the more we overcome such impediments.


This issue can be resolved only when government institutes do not restrict individuals from trading with each other. By doing so, this encourages the spirit of free market in order to increase wealth and also accelerate development.


This is one of the issues that acts as a hurdle to development. Therefore, there is need to increase more awareness about tolerance and respect towards cultural diversity. Therefore, I believe that in order to resolve such an issue, awareness should be raised in schools, in order to raise a generation of tolerance.

The latter are a few examples or rather a few factors which are an impediment to Liberty in Africa. Many African citizens are denied not only the full enjoyment of human rights, fundamental freedom but also have their Liberty challenged. In order to have all these enjoyed, it has to start with good governance; and good governance starts with zero corruption, zero marginalization, the effective enforcement of the rule of law, equal opportunities availed and harnessing on youth involvement. This would rather contribute to individual growth as well as economic growth, hence contributing to creating a better Africa for all, and also progressing to economic development.




Lesego Gaetwesepe is a law graduate and she is intrinsically passionate about human rights, community building and empowering young people. She is a participant at the YALI Regional Leadership Center in Southern Africa and was also part of the #ageofconsent project. She was also part of a project facilitated by NACA (NATIONAL AIDS COORDINATING AGENCY). Ms Lesego is currently a volunteer at Gogontlejang Phaladi Pillar of Hope Project and also represents the organisation at the UNESCO Pan African Youth Network for building a Culture of Peace, and she is also taking up training as an ASFL (African Students for Liberty) Local Coordinator.


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