From Manpower to Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence is in the mouth of every corporate sector and becoming an integral part of our society. Many of them find artificial intelligence quite alarming and recent topic to be taken into consideration. Philosophers have noted that the evolution of artificial intelligence has suppressed the man labour and leads towards the extension of human power at the hands of robots. Many companies feel that there are various things which a man cannot perform, but robots can. Therefore, they have more potential to work more hard in terms of a human. So, many companies and technical departments have recently adapted this formula of replacing manpower from that of robots. They think that it will increase their production capacity of the company which in turn increased the turnover of the same.

In simple terms, artificial intelligence can be understood as the technology which requires technological process of behaving, reacting and performing the similar characteristics as of human beings. As per John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956 defines Artificial intelligence as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” [1]. Bellman defines it as “the automation of activities that we associate with human thinking, activities such as decision-making, problem-solving, learning. [2]But emerging of artificial intelligence (robots) will reduce the value of man power which in turn creates unemployment in the society. 

Artificial intelligence and law

Artificial intelligence and law, both walk on the same road, parallel towards each other. They both are complementary to each other. A deep thought needs to be given to analyze this process. Firstly, the law evolved and followed a tradition of its rising method. Secondly, there are various data that needs to be stored in one place so that it could be easily accessible to the one who is in need. Thirdly, the quick accessibility will save the time of both, the court and the parties. Nowadays, in this digitalized society, lawyers are also in need of technology to preserve their legal documents. As artificial intelligence put up its set to the legal domain, the research of various case laws and troublesome cases are found easily. It removes the burden of the court master to keep all the checks of paper within the courtroom.

But artificial intelligence has its pros and cons both. Indi is getting digitalized, so the legal system is. But purely dependent upon the technology will never suffice the strength of manpower. A robot can do various works in the capacity of a human being but there is a huge difference between a robot and a human being. The just have the energy to work but not the emotions to be understood. We live in a society and have to adapt things which are pro-society and not anti-society. Therefore, replacing of humans from computers and robots is yet to be adopted in teal life for our legal system.

In India, there is no specific law or regulation that mention about the artificial intelligence. As India is developing with other countries, is adopting the new technique of artificial intelligence in the technical department.  Scientists are discovering to use this technology in a fuller amount.  Artificial Intelligence Association of India (AIAI) found in the year 2009. It is a nonprofit scientific society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of mechanisms underlying the thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.  [3]

Another robotic centre is situated by the name of, “centre for artificial intelligence and robotics (CAIR). CAIR is a laboratory of Defense Research & Development Organization, situated in Bangalore and Karnataka. CAIR was established in the year 1986 for the development of artificial intelligence in our country. The main focus was one the areas of artificial intelligence and developing the same.

CAIR has also developed the Network Traffic Analysis Software (NETRA) having the capability to analyze the internet traffic through the source of specified filters. Nowadays, this software has been used by various agencies at state level, RAW, IB, etc and is piloted by Ministry of Home Affairs The Centre for Internet and Society. India is not lagging behind in terms of adopting new technologies of artificial intelligence. Therefore, the scientists must focus on the need of the country and the society in which we live in, and implanted the same, accordingly.


From Google search engine to Siri, everything thing is turning towards the path of artificially intelligent, Artificial integrity is the machine made intelligence which will react or behave, according to our need. This kind of intelligence is taking place whole over the world, suppressing the man power and his ability to work. Manpower is drained by the robots and computer-based system in various technical and non-technical departments. For India, it is taking place and eventually in sometimes, it will.  By adapting this kind of technologies, statistics must be aware of boon and bane, before utilizing it.


[2] Bellman, R. E., An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Can Computers Think?, Boyd and Fraser Publishing Company, San Francisco, USA, 1978, quoted by Stuart J Russell and Peter Norvig, in Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, p.5





Sakshi Jain is currently pursuing her BLS LLB from Government Law College, Mumbai. Although she’s keen to gain knowledge and explore things going around her, her priority always stays focused on law only. Although she yearns for a career in the corporate sector, she’s quite confident regarding her capability to endure in other fields also. A passionate law student and a natural reader, she wants to complete her master degree from Harvard, Oxford, or London University.

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