ANSHUMAN SAHOO, Founder, Editor-in-chief

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‘Passionate!’ That’s the only word he uses to describe himself. Questioning assumptions. Challenging hypocrisies. Making the planet a better place to live in. Can be found at www.anshumansahoo.com.



Ella Lisette Iradukunda is an associate at Rubeya& Co-Advocates, a firm she joined in 2016. Her areas of expertise are taxation and Customs laws; strengthened by a postgraduate course in Regional Integration law with a focus on the law of the East African Community and an extensive experience as an investigation officer for the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR). In her free time, she is volunteering for a Women empowerment association, CAFOB, where she offers legal counselling to women victim of gender-based violence.



Loice is a practising Advocate admitted to the Bar in Kenya. She is majorly into corporate law which encompasses commercial business set up, deal making processes e.g. mergers; banking and loan securitization & real estate law. She also has a passion for legal writing. Her writings tend to be very dynamic. She likes to invite readers to embrace unconventional ways to interpret and apply legal concepts beyond how they are ordinarily understood. She finds solace in embracing a multi-disciplinary approach to law which can be very enriching to legal jurisprudence.



Nada Bahri is a law student specialising in private law at the faculty of Law and Political Science in Tunis. She has worked with several local and international NGOs including AIESEC and IDEA Middle East & North Africa. She is passionate about civil society, volunteerism, Leadership, social networks, and working for and with youth to build up a better Future.



Prerna Deep is currently a first-year student at Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi.  She has completed English Honours from Miranda House, DU. Literature gave this forever bibliophile the wings to follow her heart and Law gave her the strength to believe that she too can change the world. She considers receiving award for her essay on ‘Women and Law in India’ from Mr. Ram Jethmalani a treasure. When not writing she’s probably binge-watching sitcoms.  She believes nothing describes her best than Virginia Woolf’s words:
“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”